About Havyn International

In 2011, I was in Ethiopia to adopt our little girl.  I came back a different person.  The people I met and the places I saw changed me.  While I was there, my cousin, Trisha, and I visited a group of ladies who were making jewelry, and I never looked at jewelry the same way again.  Now, instead of just looking for something to match an outfit, I see each piece as a person behind it...A life, a challenge, a talent, a smile, a tear...a story. I wanted to be part of their stories, because once you actually look into the eyes of someone and sit down beside them, you can't possibly see the world in the same way.  I longed for my family and friends to be connected with people from all over the world as well, to want to be part of their stories.  I started buying fair trade gifts for Christmas and birthdays. It was something small that I could do to make a difference...Because "We Are Family" and are a haven for one another.

Fair Trade has the great potential to change the trajectory of someone's life.  I witnessed this first hand, and I can't go back to not knowing the difference it makes.  I believe it can help to solve some of our greatest human, world wide tragedies....namely the destruction of families due to economic hardship. 

Havyn International cares deeply about family preservation and creating opportunities for parents to have the means to care for their children.  Often times, children have the status of orphanhood due to economical disadvantages.  Those children who are orphans eventually "graduate" from the orphanage, finding themselves on their own with very little resources.  These young people are extremely vulnerable to trafficking, abuse, crime, and prostitution.  We can do things to alleviate the suffering of children and families.  As Havyn International grows and evolves, we are commited to being part of the solution to the crisis of orphanhood and to being part of orphan prevention.  

I hope that when you look at the products at Havyn International and make a purchase,  you know and believe that you are part of a grandeur story.  You are not just making a purchase, you are speaking worth and dignity to someone.  You are changing the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  

So, browse our shop, knowing that there are beautiful hands behind each and every piece, and feel inspired to dream alongside us for a world where we are connected to one another and see each other as family.

- Rebekah




Right at the time that I heard about Rebekah starting Havyn International, I was at a point in my life when I was ready to do something more with my career. Working with Havyn International, I am able to use my creativity with photography, and more importantly, be a part of something bigger, connecting with people all over the world. I value the creative work of others, and feel blessed to be able to support the talented artisans from around the world. I am excited to be on this journey alongside Rebekah and am inspired by the hope and hard work of artists with which we are partnering. 

- Molly